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Healthy Vending for Schools

Our USDA Smart Snack Compliant Vending Machines give students a healthy alternative to school-day snacking

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Corporate Wellness

In keeping with your Corporate Wellness Program, Love Healthy Food can help create a menu for your machine to promote healthy snacking.

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Free Machines

Machines are FREE and you receive a percentage of the profit.  Already have a vendor?  We will match or beat your current commission structure.

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Eat Healthy and Love One Another
What they say about us

This is an easy way to snack healthy.  It also makes a great impression to parents and visitors.

Easy to snack healthy

What We Do

The Love Healthy Co, LLC system is a healthy balanced vending option that combines three major dynamics: convenience, healthy products and a variety of traditional vending products that we are all familiar with.  Customized menu selections designed to combine 1000s of name brand healthy vending items with traditional vending snacks and drinks ensure our locations has the ability to offer a wide range of products.  we put the choice at the fingertips of the consumer.

How We Do It

We provide your facility with a brand new, state-of-the-art vending machine at no cost to you.  Our local, family-owned business will stock and service your machine with a variety of healthy and traditional snacks and drinks on a weekly basis.  This is a free, full-service program with no cost to you or your facility

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Join us in helping America make wise eating decisions by becoming a Love Healthy Food location

Surround your environment with food choices that will bring out the best of your staff, students and visitors.

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